This site is part showcase, part memoir.  I’ve errored on the side of far too many mediocre photos, but it feels more honest to do that. Information on the shots is provided if I have it.  If I don’t know the year I shot it, or the model’s name, it will be blank.

Basically, I got out of Art Center in August 1984, moved to NYC, then moved back to LA in August 1988 and filed for bankruptcy in 1989.  My father, wisely, refused to bail me out.

After subsisting on what turned out to be not nearly enough of an inheritance, I became a full time accountant in 2003, and did very little photography after that.

But I’m old now, edging towards retirement, and I’m hoping this site will give me some motivation to do new stuff.

Your humble narrator



(Props to the multi-faceted Helen E for taking this ludicrously flattering photo of me.)